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Welcome to Pianophonics!

This piano method is both new and traditional. It was developed in Australia over decades of real-life testing, and has de-mystified music reading for many people. For a first glance, click on the images above to enlarge them.


You'll get a good feel for how Pianophonics works by watching the free demonstration lessons. This is for anyone interested in teaching or learning piano: piano teachers, adult beginners, parents, class teachers. It's perfect for children with adult guidance.


If you enjoy the free lessons, you can buy Member Access to all 32 high-res videos with over 3 hours of tutorial guidance. Included with purchase is a home-delivered, shipping- included copy of the Pianophonics tutor book.

Click here to start watching (for best viewing use full screen @ Settings 1080p).


And enjoy…


Mark Freer

Adelaide, South Australia

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